The Family. We believe that a family functions best in the Biblical model of a man and a woman. Today, divorce is epidemic. There are just as many divorces in Christian families as in secular families. Raising children with 2 parents is difficult. Raising children with just 1 parent is often, nearly impossible.

We believe that the man is the cornerstone of the family and with his wife as partner and co-leaders in the family, there is a strong bond between the husband, the wife and the children. That bond is difficult to break, as the family members support and strengthen each other.

We know things happen. That is life, and none of us live in a perfect world, just like there no perfect families. But we do the best we can.

We hold the Bible as the instruction manual for our families. We believe that the resolution to every problem, or circumstance or situation is covered in the Bible. We believe that our families would be stronger, and would stay together longer if we returned to a Bible based family unit.

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